Unforgettable experiences and excursions await you at Poggio del Drago!

Discover the best activities and experiences the surroundings of Poggio del Drago can offer you by reading our guides: hikes, winery visits, cooking classes, and more!

  • Poggio del Drago B&B, located among the beauty of Tuscany and Umbria, offers an ideal base for renting vehicles and discovering the region. It offers the possibility to rent cars and vespas to explore freely, without depending on the schedules of organized tours. Get Italy provides various vehicles, from sedans to minivans, for transfers and customized tours, guaranteeing reliability and quality in the rental service. Toop Vespa adds the option of renting vespas, e-bikes and Ape calessino for an authentic local adventure, ideal for exploring hidden corners and enjoying breathtaking views. Booking the vehicles is easy and is recommended in advance to ensure availability. Finally, the B&B suggests familiarizing yourself with local road rules, checking your vehicle before setting off, and planning your itinerary for an unforgettable travel experience.

  • Discover a world of flavors and traditions with the various tasting options near Poggio del Drago, where an exceptional variety of food and wine experiences await. From historic Chianti wineries to innovative craft breweries in Pergine Valdarno, each stop is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the wine and beer culture of Tuscany. These experiences not only enrich the palate but also offer an intimate connection to the land and its traditions, promising to make your stay at Poggio del Drago unforgettable. Each visit is an opportunity to taste exceptional products, learn more about local production, and enjoy the Tuscan welcome.

  • Cooking lessons offered by "Cristina and the Dragon" allow guests at Poggio del Drago to explore traditional Tuscan cuisine. Participants learn how to prepare typical dishes under the guidance of experienced chefs, using fresh and local ingredients. In addition to classic recipes, the classes also introduce innovative dishes, combining tradition and modernity. These experiences not only enrich culinary skills but also offer an authentic immersion in the Tuscan lifestyle, sharing regional stories and traditions. Guests can book these educational sessions directly through Cristina and the Dragon's website, available Tuesday through Sunday.

  • Discover the beauty of the countryside with Crazy Quad Tuscany's ATV adventures. Starting in Pergine Valdarno, these excursions will take you through hidden trails, olive groves and vineyards. Suitable for everyone, the excursions vary in difficulty and duration, ensuring safety and fun under expert guidance. The booking process is simple, via the website or direct contact, ideal for adding an adventurous element to your stay at Poggio del Drago, enriching the experience with breathtaking views and deep immersion in local culture.

  • Discover Florence in a unique way with "Motocarrozzetta Vintage Sidecar Tour" sidecar tours. Offering varied routes through the historic center and the Tuscan countryside, these tours expose participants to magnificent sights and hidden gems, enhanced by expert storytelling. Tours are customizable and suitable for individuals or small groups, ensuring an intimate experience. For Poggio del Drago guests, these tours represent an exceptional adventure, easily booked and ideal for enriching your stay with a touch of elegance and adventure.

  • Baroldi Ranch, run by Marco Baroldi in Pergine Valdarno, offers equestrian experiences that connect guests with Tuscan tradition through horseback riding tours of Arezzo's historic and natural areas. Guests at Poggio del Drago can enjoy customized routes that include mountain landscapes and country roads, guided by experts who enrich the tour with cultural anecdotes. Booking is accessible and suitable for all experience levels, ensuring a safe and memorable experience, with the ranch promising not only fun but also authentic contact with the Tuscan spirit.

  • On The Tuscan Bike, run by Gabriele, offers bike tours that explore Tuscany, showcasing the region through routes that vary in difficulty, from leisurely rides to adventures on mountain trails. Gabriele customizes tours to the cyclists' needs, ensuring an experience that is both safe and enjoyable. The service includes flexible rental options and the ability for Poggio del Drago guests to easily join, taking advantage of the proximity to explore the countryside in a unique and sustainable way.

  • Terme Antica Querciolaia offers a rejuvenating retreat with a vast thermal park and pools of varied waters, promoting complete well-being. Each treatment is personalized, combining expert techniques and the healing qualities of the waters. Advance reservation is recommended to ensure availability. The proximity to Poggio del Drago makes this spa especially accessible to its guests, enriching their experience with relaxation and health in a serene environment.

  • The Baths of Rapolano, known since Etruscan times for their waters rich in magnesium, calcium and sulfur, offer benefits for the respiratory, motor and skin systems. The natural temperature of the waters is 39 degrees, with a characteristic sulfurous odor. These ancient hot springs are located in the province of Siena, near the village of Rapolano, nestled in a typical Tuscan hilly landscape between Siena and Arezzo. Visiting the spa also means enjoying local hospitality, regional cuisine and the chance to explore the natural beauty and surrounding medieval villages. Reachable by train, bus or car, the spa offers an ideal retreat for relaxation and well-being, enhanced by the opportunities for sports and outdoor activities nearby.

  • The Joust of the Saracino is an exciting historical reenactment that transforms Arezzo into a medieval stage, where rival districts compete for the Golden Lance. This tradition, rooted in the Arezzo community, is a vivid display of equestrian skill, pride and passion, attracting visitors from all over the world. The "Poggio del Drago Country House" B&B offers an ideal location to attend the event, ensuring a comfortable stay with breathtaking views of the city. An experience that combines the charm of local culture with hospitality and modern comfort.

Discover all the must-see experiences around Poggio del Drago

Indulge in the unique experiences you will find around Poggio del Drago, ideal for enriching your stay in this enchanting portion of the province of Arezzo, and beyond. Explore the Tuscan hills with a Vespa tour offered by “Toop Vespa,” or enjoy a bike tour of the countryside with “On the Tuscan Bike,” with which you will discover hidden trails and spectacular views.
Don’t miss a guided tour of the area’s renowned wineries, such as “Canto alla Moraia” or “Cantalici” to taste some of the best locally produced wines. Take part in traditional Tuscan cooking classes at the “Cristina and the Dragon” Cooking School, a fun way to immerse yourself in the local gastronomic culture and bring home flavors and traditions.
For an outdoor adventure, experience the thrill of a quad bike tour with “Crazy Quad Toscana” or explore the equestrian trails at “Baroldi Ranch.” Then relax in the soothing thermal waters of “Terme Antica Querciaiola.” For a different day out, consider a unique excursion with the “Florence Sidecar Tour – Motocarriage,” discovering Florence from an unusual perspective.
Take advantage of the services of “Get Italy by Paolo Bruni” to explore the region independently. Each experience will guarantee you an unforgettable stay at Poggio del Drago, enriching your vacation with unique activities.

To find out more about these activities and get tips on how to fully enjoy your vacation, check out our detailed guides found in this dedicated section of our website. Here you will find all the information and tips you need to perfectly plan each day of your visit to Tuscany. We invite you to explore these resources to maximize the enjoyment of your Tuscan experience.
Don’t miss the opportunity to make your stay a unique adventure filled with unforgettable experiences!