Cooking Lessons: don’t miss “Cristina ed il Drago”!

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Cooking lessons offered by "Cristina and the Dragon" allow guests at Poggio del Drago to explore traditional Tuscan cuisine. Participants learn how to prepare typical dishes under the guidance of experienced chefs, using fresh and local ingredients. In addition to classic recipes, the classes also introduce innovative dishes, combining tradition and modernity. These experiences not only enrich culinary skills but also offer an authentic immersion in the Tuscan lifestyle, sharing regional stories and traditions. Guests can book these educational sessions directly through Cristina and the Dragon's website, available Tuesday through Sunday.

With Cristina and the Dragon’s cooking lessons  you can immerse yourself in the rich culinary tradition of Tuscany. Indeed, this region is renowned for its fresh ingredients and dishes that reflect a deep connection to the land. Guests at Poggio del Drago can discover the secrets of local recipes, from rustic legume soups to fine roasted meats and decadent desserts, all prepared using methods passed down through generations. This experience not only enriches culinary skills but also connects participants to the authentic Tuscan way of life.

Tuscan Cooking Lessons

Participate in authentic Tuscan cooking lessons at “Cristina and the Dragon.” This school offers a unique opportunity for Poggio del Drago guests to immerse themselves in local culinary traditions. You will learn how to prepare typical dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients under the guidance of experienced local chefs. Classes cover a wide range of recipes, from homemade breads to fresh pasta and traditional desserts, in a familiar and fully equipped environment that stimulates both the heart and the mind.

Authentic Experience in the Kitchen with Cristina and the Dragon

Join us for cooking sessions where tradition meets innovation and where “food is transformed into poetry.” These classes are not only an opportunity to learn how to cook, but also a deep immersion in Tuscan culture, where food is a true way of life. In addition to traditional recipes, you will discover innovative dishes that blend the ancient with the modern, reflecting the love and respect for Tuscan home cooking. This culinary journey is also an opportunity to share stories and traditions, making each dish a unique experience.

Your Culinary Adventure: don’t miss these cooking lessons!

For a true immersion in the delights of Tuscany, guests of Poggio del Drago can easily book their cooking classes through Cristina and the Dragon’s website. These sessions, available Tuesday through Sunday, are the ideal way to enrich your stay at Poggio del Drago, offering a lasting reminder of authentic Tuscan culinary traditions. We invite all guests to discover all the other available experiences by checking out the dedicated articles in this section of the website, for a vacation full of discoveries and emotions.

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