The benefits of the Rapolano Spa

The Baths of Rapolano, known since Etruscan times for their waters rich in magnesium, calcium and sulfur, offer benefits for the respiratory, motor and skin systems. The natural temperature of the waters is 39 degrees, with a characteristic sulfurous odor. These ancient hot springs are located in the province of Siena, near the village of Rapolano, nestled in a typical Tuscan hilly landscape between Siena and Arezzo. Visiting the spa also means enjoying local hospitality, regional cuisine and the chance to explore the natural beauty and surrounding medieval villages. Reachable by train, bus or car, the spa offers an ideal retreat for relaxation and well-being, enhanced by the opportunities for sports and outdoor activities nearby.

The benefits of Rapolano Spa

The  Rapolano Spa (or Rapolano thermal baths) represent the ideal place for those who want to spend moments of pure relaxation and well-being. The beneficial properties of these waters were already known in Etruscan times. Magnesium, calcium and sulfur, expertly mixed by nature in these wonderful waters, make them ideal for the well-being of the respiratory aapparatus, motor to treat skin diseases.

Terme Di Rapolano Benefits: San Giovanni

Terme Di Rapolano Benefits: San Giovanni

The typical sulfurous smell and the natural temperature of 39 degrees Celsius are the first features one notices when first coming into contact with the spa’s water. They are considered the oldest thermal baths in Tuscany, and their location makes a visit even more interesting. They are part of the province of Siena.

Two kilometers from the hot springs lies the quaint village of Rapolano. The travel route crosses the provinces of Siena and Arezzo, and the natural panorama gives the traveler’s soul a visual well-being equal to the health benefits of the hot springs. Staying at the thermal baths of Rapolano is enlivened by the courtesy of the staff and the aromas of the regional cuisine, made mostly with local products and cooked in a healthy way.

Rapolano Spa: How To Reach it

Reaching the thermal baths of Rapolano is possible in several ways. From Civitella in Val di Chiana, for example, you can take the train that leaves from Arezzo or use the local buses that reach the Rapolano hot springs and all the other villages in the surrounding area. Those who prefer to travel by car, on the other hand, can use the E78 road from Civitella in the direction of Rapolano.

The route, made without excessive speed, so as to also enjoy the wonderful surrounding landscape, can last 35 to 40 minutes in smooth traffic conditions. Or traveling along the A1, you will need to move to the E35 and take the Siena/Bettolle junction. The distance is almost the same and you pay a toll. This solution is sometimes smoother than the E 78 transit and the surrounding landscape is equally visible.

Unlike the train route, traveling the route by car or bus it is possible to glimpse signs of the many local agritourisms that offer overnight stays, attractions and genuine cuisine always made with locally produced and even organic products.

beyond the benefits of Rapolano Spa: what to see around Rapolano

A visit to the thermal baths of Rapolano, it would be better a stay of a few days, to fully enjoy their healthy benefits, in addition to being a way to visit the infinite wonders of our country, unfortunately still unknown to many, is also a way to restore the organism that is subjected daily to continuous psycho-physical stress. A beneficial breath of air for our lungs and a natural make-up for the skin. A three-sixty-degree nature vacation.

Because in addition to the spa, you can also take advantage of numerous facilities where you can practice swimming, tennis, soccer, hiking, golf and more, breathing the pure air of the Tuscan hills and without the stress of having to return to the crowded city areas. Bike enthusiasts can also participate in the many races that are organized periodically in the areas adjacent to the spa and in all the neighboring villages. Sinalunga, Asciano and San Giovanni D’asso are the closest towns to the Rapolano spa site.

Borgo di Rapolano

The Cuisine And Places Near The Baths Of Rapolano

Fans of the local cuisine, rich in traditional and genuine aromas and flavors, can find in the structure of the thermal baths of Rapolano, still a reason for ample satisfaction. The scent of olive oil and wines produced in the barren lands of this Tuscan area are among the most internationally renowned. suffice it to say that in these lands are grown the vines from which grapes are drawn to produce the famous wines Brunello di Montalcino and Montepulciano.

The landscape of the Sienese hills alternates with vast areas with an almost lunar appearance. For a moment, it seems as if we have been transported to a lifeless world. The absent vegetation, the barren and arid landscape contrasts with the lush green of the hills not far away.

These natural contrasts make a visit to the hot springs of Rapolano all the more fascinating. The spectacle of nature that knows how to mix together the beauty of the lush hills with the poverty of an empty land, devoid of any plant form, and manage to create a complementary spectacle that blends until it becomes an integral and inseparable part of each other. The wonder of wonders.


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