Baroldi’s Ranch: horseback riding experience near Poggio del Drago

Baroldi's Ranch

Baroldi Ranch, run by Marco Baroldi in Pergine Valdarno, offers equestrian experiences that connect guests with Tuscan tradition through horseback riding tours of Arezzo's historic and natural areas. Guests at Poggio del Drago can enjoy customized routes that include mountain landscapes and country roads, guided by experts who enrich the tour with cultural anecdotes. Booking is accessible and suitable for all experience levels, ensuring a safe and memorable experience, with the ranch promising not only fun but also authentic contact with the Tuscan spirit.

Equestrian Tradition at Baroldi’s Ranch

Discover the authentic Tuscan equestrian tradition at Baroldi’s Ranch, located in the picturesque village of Campaccio in Pergine Valdarno. Run by Marco Baroldi, this equestrian center offers an immersive experience in the natural and historical beauty of the Arezzo region. At Baroldi’s Ranch, visitors have the opportunity to explore mountain trails and country roads on horseback, reliving the emotions of the ancient Butteri and Transhumance riders. Each trail is an open window into local history and culture, making each ride an exciting and educational adventure, perfect for nature and history lovers.

Equestrian Experiences Offered at Baroldi’s Ranch

Baroldi’s Ranch invites guests to fully immerse themselves in the fascinating equestrian world through a variety of horseback tours that explore the beautiful Tuscan countryside. These rides are not only a way to take in the scenery, but also an opportunity to connect with local history by following the ancient routes of the Butteri, the Italian cowboys, through serene mountains and valleys. Each hike is led by experts who not only ensure safety but also enrich the experience with anecdotes about the region’s equestrian culture. These trails offer guests the chance to experience quiet moments in nature, often far from conventional tourist routes, allowing for an authentically Tuscan experience.

How to contact the Ranch

To participate in an equestrian excursion at Baroldi’s Ranch, you must contact the center directly to book your tour. The booking process is simple and accessible, with various schedule options and routes tailored to riders of all experience levels. Advance reservations are recommended, especially during peak season, to ensure availability. The ranch staff is always available to provide all necessary information and to assist in choosing a route best suited to one’s needs and interests. This personalized service ensures that each experience is safe, enjoyable, and memorable for both beginners and experienced riders.

Equestrian Experience for Guests of Poggio del Drago

For guests of Poggio del Drago, a visit to Baroldi Ranch represents a unique opportunity to enrich their stay in Tuscany. A short distance from the B&B, the ranch offers the chance to explore the authentic Tuscan countryside on horseback, providing an experience deeply connected to the region’s traditions and nature. Taking part in an equestrian tour can be the highlight of a vacation, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the local culture and experience moments of serenity and adventure. With its customized excursions and welcoming atmosphere, Baroldi Ranch promises not only fun but also authentic contact with the Tuscan spirit.