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On The Tuscan Bike

On The Tuscan Bike, run by Gabriele, offers bike tours that explore Tuscany, showcasing the region through routes that vary in difficulty, from leisurely rides to adventures on mountain trails. Gabriele customizes tours to the cyclists' needs, ensuring an experience that is both safe and enjoyable. The service includes flexible rental options and the ability for Poggio del Drago guests to easily join, taking advantage of the proximity to explore the countryside in a unique and sustainable way.

Bicycle Experience: Introduction to On The Tuscan Bike

Discover the Tuscan countryside by bicycle with On The Tuscan Bike, an extraordinary opportunity to explore breathtaking scenery on two wheels. Run by the charismatic Gabriele, a registered MTB guide with a deep knowledge of the area, On The Tuscan Bike offers guided tours through enchanting routes that reveal the hidden beauty of Tuscany. From leisurely rides in the surrounding area to more challenging adventures on mountain trails, each experience is designed to bring cyclists closer to nature and local culture, offering a unique and personal perspective on the region. Join a trip that combines sport, ecology, and tourism into one memorable adventure.

Bicycle Tours: The Guides and Routes

On The Tuscan Bike, under Gabriele’s expert guidance, offers diverse routes to suit every level of cycling ability. Tours range from leisurely rides through the lush Tuscan countryside to more challenging routes that explore mountainous trails and hidden vistas. Each route is designed to uncover local history and traditions, turning each outing into an educational and challenging adventure. Gabriele passionately shares the secrets of the Tuscan landscape, making each tour a unique experience, enriched with anecdotes and cultural details that only a native would know.

On The Tuscan Bike: Rental and Customization

On The Tuscan Bike offers flexible bike rental options, allowing visitors to choose the equipment that best suits their needs. Cyclists can customize their tour, choosing from different models of mountain bikes and accessories to enhance their riding experience. Gabriele, with his expertise, is available to recommend the most suitable routes based on the cyclists’ experience level and specific interests. This personalized service ensures that each experience is not only enjoyable and safe, but also perfectly aligned with guests’ expectations and desires.

Bicycle Experience: Benefits for Guests of Poggio del Drago

For guests of Poggio del Drago, participating in a bike tour with On The Tuscan Bike is an exceptional way to enrich their stay in Tuscany. Due to the proximity to the B&B, guests can easily join Gabriele for unique explorations of the Tuscan landscape. These experiences offer not only relaxation and physical activity, but also the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture through routes immersed in nature and rich in history. A bicycle tour is ideal for those seeking an active and sustainable vacation, allowing them to discover the hidden beauty of the region in an authentic and intimate way.

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