Ponte Buriano: a piece of history near Arezzo

Buriano Bridge, an architectural jewel from 1277, is nestled in the breathtaking nature of the Valtiberina near Arezzo. This bridge, famous for being immortalized by Leonardo da Vinci in the Mona Lisa, offers a romantic view with its seven arches that blend harmoniously with the waters of the Arno. The surrounding area, a nature reserve, invites explorations on foot among ancient medieval villages and hilly landscapes. Local wildlife, flora, and river landscapes enrich the experience, while nearby villages such as Anghiari and Castelfranco di Sopra add historical and cultural charm to this wonderfully preserved area.

It is well known that Tuscany as one of the many wonderful places that our Italy boasts and among these many splendid areas there is one that preserves a breathtaking view: Ponte Buriano in Arezzo.

The history of Ponte Buriano ad  Arezzo

The Buriano Bridge was built in 1277 and despite the passage of centuries, it manages to withstand and combat the continuous whims of the Arno that alternates floods and droughts without caring about this wonderful bridge.

To say that it is romantic is an understatement and its seven arches let themselves be caressed by the waters of the Arno whose surrounding area is now a nature reserve that you cannot miss. There must be a reason why Leonardo decided to paint it as the background to the Mona Lisa, don’t you think? Indeed, you understood correctly: the Buriano bridge has been immortalized right behind the Mona Lisa.

A walk on the Buriano Bridge in Arezzo

The important thing when you arrive at the Buriano Bridge is to park the car and continue on foot, enjoying the sound of the river, the colors of the entire surrounding area, the green of the water flowing under the bridge.

Descending towards the dam, you will be able to admire the lower side of the bridge which has seven arches under which the waters of the Arno flow undisturbed. The nature reserve area begins at this point.

Starting from the bridge and continuing along the Arno, you can admire the ancient medieval villages of Penna, Rondine, and Monte Sopra Rondine, which have the characteristic of literally overlooking the river and the entire surrounding area that is graced by hills, all part of the reserve.

Basically, you will have at your disposal a reserve that covers a good 7 km of the Arno watercourse.

Ponte Buriano ad Arezzo: What you will see

Wanting to draw up a sort of list, it is practically impossible to order the historical and natural beauties of the Ponte Buriano area in Arezzo.

Just think that as a tourist you will surely be fascinated by the naturalness of the places that present a flora and fauna that for many citizens are a real discovery. You will see yourself accompanied by rare specimens such as the red heron, the barn owl, the buzzard, the tawny owl, and many others. Not to mention the porcupine and the skunk.

Certainly, you will be able to breathe deeply while walking in the reserve where you will see alternating cultivated fields, poplar woods, field elm, and downy oak.

Discover the surroundings of Ponte Buriano ad Arezzo

The area surrounding Ponte Buriano and a bit of the entire province of Arezzo reveals a particular magic as if time had stopped and natural beauties have had the upper hand over the human hand. Indeed, famous films have been shot right in the province of Arezzo thanks to its beauties.

If you go to that area, it is obligatory to make a jump right in Arezzo, an Etruscan city that has undergone numerous barbarian invasions and continuous clashes that often reduced it to ruins but which from the 50s has resumed its activity in a much more dynamic and lasting way with a good demographic recovery.

After having rested and regenerated with the nature of the Buriano Bridge and the nature reserve, you can fully enjoy the beauty of this entire province which really has many ancient villages such as Anghiari, Castelfranco di Sopra, Cioffi, and Loro Ciuffenna. In these places, there are intact churches and monuments dating back to the first half of the 20th century and so you can take an enviable tour in places like the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Palazzo Pretorio and then stopping in Piazza Baldaccio in Anghiari where you will have the opportunity to attend a truly unique antiques market.

The other villages, of course, have much to offer too. For instance, going towards Poppi, you will find the castle of the Conti Guidi, a prototype of the cousin Palazzo Vecchio.

Your tour in the province of Arezzo can continue in any direction because wherever you decide to move, you will find yourself visiting really special areas that, although small and often almost forgotten, in reality, have everything from the beauty of nature that offers the continuous spectacle of the course of the Arno, to historical and monumental sources.

Now all that’s left is for you to prepare an itinerary as you wish and start your visit from the Ponte Buriano in Arezzo, then let yourself be guided only and exclusively by the instinct that will come out while exploring these beautiful areas of Tuscany that the whole world envies Italy, as it often happens.