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Poggio Del Drago: In Arezzo, In The Heart of Tuscany

The lands around Arezzo are home to the Bed and Breakfast Country House Poggio del Drago. The B&B is nestled in the beautiful countryside of Arezzo and offers a warm welcome. It is conveniently located a short distance from many points of interest of historical, artistic, cultural, or natural significance. Staying at Poggio del Drago, you can easily reach Arezzo, a city with an ancient and fascinating history. But let’s not forget masterpiece cities like Florence, which needs no introduction, or smaller yet equally intriguing jewels like Cortona and Siena.

From Casentino to Val d’Orcia

Scattered across the Tuscan countryside, you can find dozens of villages full of surprises, like Poppi in the Upper Casentino, which was home to Dante Alighieri, or Monteriggioni, a true medieval citadel that has remained almost unchanged through its centuries of history.

The attractions and places of interest around Poggio del Drago are truly numerous! That’s why we have decided to create a small guide to the cities and valleys most easily accessible from our beloved B&B. In this section, you will find in-depth information and articles about a selection of the finest locations scattered throughout Tuscany. Continue reading to discover all the information you need to organize your ideal tour! Immerse yourself in the magic of a region loved and appreciated all over the world.

Arezzo and Its Old Town 

Arezzo is one of the oldest cities in Tuscany. The wonderful history of the city is fully revealed to anyone who visits its Old Town. Indeed, the center of Arezzo has been captivating for centuries with monumental attractions such as the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Donatus, towering over Arezzo. Then there’s Piazza Grande, where you find the loggia designed by none other than Giorgio Vasari, to whom Arezzo was the birthplace.

In Arezzo, you can witness the city’s ancient history with a visit to the “Gaio Cilnio Mecenate” Archaeological Museum near the ruins of the Roman Amphitheater. Alternatively, at the right times of the year, you can have fun along with the locals by attending the famous Giostra del Saracino, a historical and sporting event that takes place right in Piazza Grande.

Among the things to see in Arezzo are also the Basilica of San Domenico, the Basilica of Saints Flora and Lucilla, and the Medici Fortress. Moreover, not to be forgotten are the Duomo Park and the Basilica of San Francesco.

Around Arezzo: The Casentino Valley Among Castles and Natural Beauties.

The Casentino Valley, stretching north of the city of Arezzo, is a treasure trove of wonders. Here you will find everything from natural marvels to breathtakingly beautiful villages. Casentino extends from the wooded peaks of the Apennines to the numerous castles that protected the people of the area. The Casentino Forests National Park is a jewel that fascinates anyone who ventures into its dense forest. In the National Park, you can have the extraordinary experience of walking among ancient chestnut trees in woods filled with legends and magic.

Thus, the Casentino offers a unique glimpse into medieval and Renaissance Tuscany, which cannot be summed up in just a few words.

Other sights to see in the Casentino include the Castle of the Guidi Counts – along with the town of Poppi – the Pieve of Romena, and the Pratomagno. The towns of Pratovecchio and Stia are also very picturesque.

Around Arezzo: The Val di Chiana, From Cortona to Lake Trasimeno

The beautiful territory of the Val di Chiana extends south of the City of Arezzo. The area of the Val di Chiana is extremely rich in natural beauty and picturesque, fascinating villages. Cortona is a small town with an immense historical and cultural heritage. In Cortona, you will find no less than eighteen archaeological sites of interest, such as the Tombs and Tumuli dating back to the ancient Etruscans, or the Pierle Fortress. Walking through the streets of Castiglion Fiorentino, you can savor the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and immerse yourself in the beauty of a past not yet entirely lost. Finally, let’s make a stop at Lake Trasimeno. The panorama offered by the Lake makes a morning spent in the surroundings unique, which will remain forever etched in memory.

From ‘Monte’ to Cortona, the richness of the Val di Chiana

Among the things to see in Valdichiana are the village of Chiusi, Sarteano, Montepulciano, Monte San Savino, the Canale Maestro della Chiana. Do not forget, however, the Museum of the Etruscan Academy of Cortona (MAEC), Lucignano, and Chianciano Terme.

Around Arezzo: The Valtiberina, A Natural Amphitheater East of Arezzo

Upon arriving in Valtiberina, Sansepolcro stands out as a city with a distinctive cultural and characteristic profile. Not far away, you find the imposing walls of Anghiari and picturesque river centers like Pieve Santo Stefano. In Pieve S. Stefano, you will find the National Diary Archive, and it’s also where the Pieve Award is held. The Valtiberina is dotted with medieval churches and castles that tell ancient stories, outlining fascinating and varied routes for the visitor.

The great Michelangelo, born among these mountains in Caprese Michelangelo, first saw life hidden in the heart of stone right in Valtiberina. Piero della Francesca, originally from Borgo San Sepolcro, was able to masterfully translate into his art the mysterious union of space and light of this land.

Other things to see in Valtiberina include the Castle of Montauto, the Alpe della Luna, Badia Tedalda, Sestino, and the Hermitage of Cerbaiolo.

Around Arezzo: The Valdarno and the New Florentine Lands

The Valdarno, located between Arezzo and Florence, is a Tuscan corner brimming with wonders. Situated between the Pratomagno mountains and the Chianti hills, here you can find historic towns and breathtaking landscapes.

The Sammezzano Castle is a true treasure trove of Moorish art, unique in its kind in Tuscany. Figline Valdarno, with its picturesque historical center, is a gateway to the Renaissance history of these lands. Moving on to Castelfranco di Sopra, you will see the landscape transform. Here, nature has created the famous Balze of Valdarno, magnificent geological formations reminiscent of scenarios from fantasy worlds.

In Loro Ciuffenna you can admire the oldest water mill in Tuscany, still working! A visit to San Giovanni Valdarno and Terranuova Bracciolini is a must, reminding you of Florence‘s historical expansion.

The Richness of Valdarno

Other sights to see in Valdarno include the Pieve of Gropina, the Pieve of San Romolo in Gaville, and Vallombrosa. In Vallombrosa you will find the Abbey of San Giovanni Gualberto – near which is the tallest tree in Italy. We cannot fail to mention the Bandella Nature Reserve and the Palazzo d’Arnolfo.

Around Arezzo and Beyond: Florence, the Global Capital of Renaissance Art

Florence is world-renowned for the beauty of its monumental palaces and its art spanning from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. The latter period saw Florence as an undisputed and absolute protagonist in the world.

The city boasts unparalleled places of worship and art, such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, commonly known as the Duomo. The Uffizi Gallery and the famous Baptistery are known worldwide. The Duomo, with its white and green marble facade, captivates millions of visitors passing through the city each year. The Cathedral is overshadowed by Brunelleschi’s Dome, which has dominated the city’s horizon for centuries. Florence is one of the world’s richest cities in museums and is itself an open-air museum. Florence has unique structures, such as the Ponte Vecchio, so beautiful that it was even spared from the violence of World War II.

Treasures of the Cradle of the Renaissance

Other sights to see in Florence include the Crypt of Santa Reparata, the Museum of the Works of the Cathedral, Palazzo Vecchio with its “Vasari Corridor“. Not to mention the Boboli Gardens and the Silver Museum. Among the must-see artworks are the famous Venus by Botticelli, the Shield with the Head of Medusa by Caravaggio, and the splendid Annunciation by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Around Arezzo and Beyond  in the Chianti Valley: From Wonderful Nature to Renowned Wine

The so-called Chianti Valley is actually a very vast area that includes the territories of Arezzo, Siena, and Florence. The entire area is renowned worldwide for its eponymous wine. As you can gather, the attractions and places to visit in Chianti are numerous. In the Chianti Valley, you will find hills that create a wavy and sinuous horizon, dotted with cypresses and colored in shades ranging from green to yellow. The Chianti Valley has managed to stand as a showcase of the entire Tuscany in the world, always maintaining its roots and traditions. Poggio del Drago is located right on the famous Wine Road: traveling it and visiting its towns and villages will be like immersing yourself in a famous painting. Think of the landscape that forms the backdrop of Leonardo da Vinci‘s Mona Lisa: it’s the land of Chianti

If that’s not enough, here are other things to see in the Chianti Valley: the Castle of Meleto, Greve in Chianti, and Gaiole in Chianti. Also noteworthy are the Chianti Sculpture Park, the Castle of Brolio, Castellina in Chianti.

Around Arezzo and Beyond : Siena, From the Red Earth of the Countryside to the Tower of Mangia

Wondering what to see and do in Siena presents an embarrassment of riches. A territory so naturally picturesque with such an ancient history can only offer a plethora of attractions. In the city, you can admire Piazza del Campo with its Torre del Mangia towering over 100 meters above the city. In the countryside, you can walk among vineyards and olive groves that seem to have come out of a historical novel or, indeed, a fairy tale book.  The city is also the home of the famous Palio di Siena, an event that should be witnessed at least once in a lifetime to truly understand how deeply it is felt by the citizens of Siena.

Other things to see in Siena include the Fonte Gaia in Piazza del Campo, the Palazzo Pubblico of Siena with its Civic Museum, the Cathedral of Siena, the Baptistery of Siena, the National Picture Gallery, and the Caterinian Basilica of San Domenico

Beyond Siena: The Beauties of the Val d’Orcia

The Val d’Orcia extends in the province of Siena and is characterized by breathtaking landscapes and medieval centers like Pienza and Montalcino. The valley is traversed by the Orcia river, from which it takes its name. This territory offers gastronomic delights such as Pecorino cheese from Pienza and Brunello di Montalcino wine. The area also boasts a rich historical and landscape heritage, with sites like the Velona Castle and villages like San Quirico d’Orcia.

More Than Just Sights to See

In Val d’Orcia, you will have the opportunity to experience the Historic Railway: a unique steam train journey. The valley is also traversed by L’Eroica, a cycling event on white roads. In the area, there are also traces of the ancient Via Francigena, along which a part of the history of Italy and Europe was made. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004, the valley is celebrated for its conservation and influence on the Renaissance.

Other things to see in Val d’Orcia include the Chapel of Vitaleta, the Church of San Quirico, the Horti Leonini, the Tower of Casseri, Bagno Vignoni, the Cypress Wood along the Via Cassia, Montalcino and Sant’Antimo, and finally the Quercia delle Checche.

Poggio Del Drago: In the Heart of Tuscany

A stay near Arezzo offers all these opportunities to visitors. In this section, we have indeed seen how the attractions around Poggio del Drago, whether you want to stay very close or explore slightly more distant territories, are numerous and cover a vast and wonderful area and a series of historical periods that start at least, if not beyond, three thousand years ago.

The B&B Country House Poggio del Drago is delighted to offer you these small but rich guides, specific to each area, and we sincerely hope to be of help to all our future guests. Those who choose our facility should know that our primary interest is your well-being.

Our goal is your happiness!

For us at Poggio del Drago, it’s important that you are happy during your stay, and this means ensuring that both inside and outside our facility, you can experience unforgettable moments filled with emotion and interest. The lands of Arezzo are truly just around the corner, and with little effort, it is possible to reach and admire more hidden corners and niches of culture, history, art, and gastronomic traditions famous throughout the world.

Do not miss this opportunity: build your travel itinerary and come visit us soon. We at B&B Poggio del Drago assure you that you will be more than happy.

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