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Exploring Siena, even in a short time, becomes an unforgettable adventure with Poggio del Drago B&B. This ancient Tuscan city is revealed through its emblematic sites: from Piazza del Campo, with its unique shell shape and famous Palio, to the Palazzo Pubblico, which holds "the Allegory of Good and Bad Government." The Torre del Mangia offers breathtaking views, while the Duomo stands out as a treasure trove of art and spirituality. No less fascinating are the Basilica of San Domenico, the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, the Pinacoteca Nazionale, the idyllic Orto de' Pecci and the mysterious underground Bottini. Every corner of Siena tells stories of past and present, inviting you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere rich in culture, art, and culinary traditions, with Poggio del Drago as the starting point for a unique and enriching experience.

Explore Siena with Poggio del Drago!

Exploring Siena in a single day may seem like a challenge, but with the right guide, even the most limited time can prove to be enough to discover the wonders of this city rich in history. With the help of Poggio del Drago we will discover together the most iconic and fascinating places this ancient city has to offer. Read on to discover an itinerary that will take you into the heart of Siena, touching on its most significant points of interest.

Piazza del Campo: The Beating Heart of Siena

Piazza del Campo is not only the nerve center of Siena, but also one of the largest and best-preserved medieval squares in the world. Its unique shell-like shape, divided into nine segments, represents the division of power in the Republic of Siena. It is here that the famous Siena Palio takes place, an event that brings the city together in a historical competition that reflects the ancient spirit of the contrade. The square invites its visitors to sit back and relax, admiring the beauty and harmony that surrounds it, making this space a gathering and festive place for citizens and tourists alike.

The Palazzo Pubblico: A Monument to the Glory of Siena

Located in Piazza del Campo, Siena’s Palazzo Pubblico is a testament to the wealth and power the city enjoyed during the Middle Ages. This building, with its Gothic three-light windows and distinctive battlements, is an excellent example of civil architecture of the period. Inside, you can admire “the Allegory of Good and Bad Government,” a fresco that not only decorates but also imparts a lesson in governance and civic life. This work of art, created by Ambrogio Lorenzetti, continues to inspire and educate anyone who observes it even after centuries.

The Torre del Mangia: A Breathtaking View of Siena

Flanking the Palazzo Pubblico, theTorre del Mangia stands tall in the Siena skyline, offering one of the best panoramic views of the city and surrounding countryside. This  tower, named after Giovanni di Balduccio, known as “Mangiaguadagni” for his propensity to spend all his money on food, is a symbol of city pride. The climb up the tower, although it may seem arduous, provides an unparalleled reward: a view that embraces Siena in its most authentic and evocative moments.

The Cathedral of Siena: A Treasury of Art and History

Duomo of Siena, with its imposing white, red and green marble facade, is a masterpiece of Romanesque-Gothic architecture that dominates the city’s skyline. This sacred place is not only a spiritual landmark but also an open-air museum housing priceless works of art. Inside, the Libreria Piccolomini and the Cappella Piccolomini enclose frescoes and sculptures that narrate the cultural and artistic richness of Siena, making the Duomo a must-see for every visitor.

The Gate of Heaven: A Celestial Perspective

InsideSiena Cathedral, the “Gate of Heaven” offers visitors an almost mystical experience, allowing them to walk above the church’s aisles and enjoy a unique view of its art and architectural works. This route, once reserved only for master builders, now opens up to the public, offering unprecedented glimpses and breathtaking views of the city, and allowing visitors to walk on the same floors that centuries of history have traversed. It is a unique chance to see Siena from a different perspective, touching the majesty and architectural ingenuity that have made the Duomo an eternal symbol of the city.

Catherine Basilica of San Domenico: A Place of Faith and History

The Catherinian Basilica of San Domenico stands as a monument to the spirituality and deep religious history of Siena. This imposing building, with its austere and majestic structure, is a place charged with significance, particularly for the chapel that holds the head of St. Catherine of Siena, patron saint of Italy and Europe. The basilica not only offers a panoramic view of the city but also serves as a reminder of St. Catherine’s life and miracles, attracting pilgrims and visitors from all over the world.

The Opera del Duomo Museum: A Journey into Sacred Art

Located alongside the Duomo, the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo is an essential stop for anyone wishing to immerse themselves in the art and history of Siena. Inside are some of the city’s most significant works of art, created by the likes of Duccio di Buoninsegna and Jacopo della Quercia. The museum’s collection offers a comprehensive overview of Sienese artistic evolution, shedding light on the most significant moments in the city’s religious and cultural history.

National Picture Gallery: A Treasury of Sienese Art

The National Art Gallery in Siena is a true shrine for art lovers, housing the largest collection of works from the Sienese school. Spanning the centuries from the Thirteenth Century to the Fourteenth Century, this museum is a tribute to Siena’s painting tradition, with masterpieces by Duccio, Simone Martini, and Ambrogio Lorenzetti. Each room in the Pinacoteca is a journey back in time, allowing you to discover and appreciate the depth and beauty of Sienese art.

The Orto Medievale De’ Pecci: A Corner of Nature in the City

Close to the heart of Siena, the Orto de’ Pecci is a corner of tranquility and natural beauty. This green space, created from the restoration of an ancient medieval kitchen garden, offers visitors a moment of peace and reflection. The garden not only demonstrates how urban spaces can be transformed into places for sharing and growth, but also serves as a living reminder of the agricultural practices that once sustained daily life in the city.

I Bottini: Discovering the Underground Secrets of Siena

The Bottini of Siena are a fascinating testament to medieval hydraulic engineering. This network of underground aqueducts, stretching for miles beneath the city, was essential to Siena’s sustenance and growth. The visit to the Bottini offers a unique experience, a journey underground to discover how water was collected, managed and distributed in eras when modern technology was unthinkable. It is an adventure that combines history, mystery and engineering.

Siena, a Treasure to Explore…with Poggio del Drago!

Visit Siena and be enchanted by its extraordinary attractions, each with its own history and beauty. From the B&B Country House Poggio del Drago you will have the opportunity to explore this magical city, immersing yourself in its unique atmosphere and the richness of its cultural heritage. Siena is waiting for you to reveal the hidden treasures and open-air wonders that make this city an unforgettable place in the heart of Tuscany. Every corner of Siena tells a story, every stone holds a memory, making every visit an experience full of excitement and discovery.

Not only the history and art, but also the atmosphere, colors, flavors and sounds of Siena will help make your stay unforgettable. From the gentle tinkling of the cathedral bells to the narrow alleys that suddenly open up into breathtaking open spaces likePiazza del Campo, Siena is a city that lives in the present with pride in its past.

Take advantage of your base at the Poggio del Drago to fully immerse yourself in Siena’s culture and daily life. Whether you are looking for art, history, gastronomy or simply the pleasure of strolling through one of Italy’s most beautiful cities, Siena has much to offer.

Remember to lift your gaze: Siena is not just streets and squares, but also incredible rooftop views, sky-defying towers, and a horizon that embraces the Tuscan hills. And after a day of exploration, there is nothing better than relaxing in one of the many cafes or restaurants to enjoy a typical Sienese dish, accompanied by a glass of Chianti.

Siena awaits you with its priceless heritage, and Poggio del Drago is ready to welcome you to be the backdrop for your discoveries. Come visit us and be enchanted by the magic of Siena, a city that never ceases to surprise.

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