Places to see near Poggio del Drago: 10 must-see locations

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The Poggio del Drago Country House B&B, located in the picturesque Arezzo countryside, offers warm hospitality close to numerous historical, artistic and natural attractions. Arezzo, one of the oldest cities in Tuscany, captivates with its rich historic center that includes monuments such as the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Donato and Giorgio Vasari's loggia in Piazza Grande. Florence, a short distance away, is a must for Renaissance art lovers, with gems such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and the Ponte Vecchio. The Chianti Valley offers idyllic scenery and renowned wines, while the Val d'Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, enchants with its medieval landscapes and towns. Every corner of these regions promises cultural, historical and gastronomic discoveries, making a stay at Poggio del Drago an unforgettable experience.

The Tiberina Valley: land of artists and inspiring landscapes.

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The Tiber Valley, described by Pliny the Younger as an "immense amphitheater" of nature, has fascinated for millennia with its landscapes and villages rich in history. Among them, Sansepolcro, the birthplace of Piero della Francesca, boasts artistic wonders such as the Cathedral with the Perugino Altarpiece. Anghiari, one of Italy's Most Beautiful Villages, is famous for the Battle of Anghiari, painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Caprese Michelangelo, birthplace of Michelangelo Buonarroti, is home to the house where the master was born. Monterchi is worth a visit for Piero della Francesca's "Madonna del Parto." The valley is also a place of spirituality, with the hermitages of Montecasale and Cerbaiolo recalling the presence of St. Francis. The Tiberina Valley is an area that combines art, history and nature, offering visitors a unique experience within walking distance of the Poggio del Drago B&B.

What to see in Valtiberina

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The Valtiberina, defined by the upper Tiber valley, enchants with its natural beauty and medieval villages. This area, between Arezzo and Perugia, is a mix of mountainous and hilly landscapes, rich in history, art and culinary traditions. Highlights include the hermitage of Camaldoli, the Sanctuary of La Verna, places associated with St. Francis, and charming villages such as Anghiari and Caprese Michelangelo. The region also offers natural parks for hiking and a variety of agritourisms for complete immersion in local culture and nature.

The Four Valleys of Arezzo

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The Four Valleys surrounding Arezzo - the Casentino, Val di Chiana, Val Tiberina and Valdarno - offer a wealth of history, culture, and natural and architectural beauty. From the Casentino Forest National Park, a place of inspiration for Dante Alighieri, to the Conti Guidi Castle in Poppi, these valleys bear witness to a rich and varied past. Camaldoli, with its hermitage, and the village of Poppi are just some of the places where history meets nature. Each valley has its own peculiarities, from the artistic and historical heritage of Sansepolcro and Anghiari in the Val Tiberina, to the Casentino wine and food tradition, to the architectural wonders of Valdarno such as the Castle of Sammezzano. A trip to these valleys is an immersion in the most authentic and unspoiled Tuscany, rich in culinary traditions, works of art and breathtaking landscapes that deserve to be explored.

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