10 things to see in Perugia: explore the city from Poggio del Drago!

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Perugia, the beating heart of Umbria, reveals itself as a city rich in history, art and culture, inviting a journey through the centuries. Every square, monument and street tells a story, from the medieval charm of the Fontana Maggiore to the works of art in the National Gallery of Umbria. The Rocca Paolina offers an intriguing underground tour, while Piazza Italia is the center of everyday life. Places like the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and the Palazzo dei Priori are living witnesses to Perugia's cultural richness. Monuments such as the Etruscan Arch and the Etruscan Well connect directly with the city's Etruscan past. Choosing Poggio del Drago B&B as your base means you have the opportunity to comfortably explore this fascinating city, full of hidden wonders and stories to discover.