The Arezzo Museum of Medieval and Modern Art

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The Arezzo Museum of Medieval and Modern Art, located in the Bruni Ciocchi Palace in the historic center, is an immersion in history and art, with roots dating back to the Villanovan period of the Etruscan Era. Originally funded by Donato Bruni in the 19th century and used for various historical purposes, the palace now houses the museum, which opened in 1972. With three floors devoted to reliefs, sculptures, paintings, coins, weapons and jewelry, the museum features significant works such as Giorgio Vasari's "Convite for the Marriage of Esther and Ahasuerus." The Fraternita dei Laici, founded in 1262, has contributed to the financing of city art, emphasizing Arezzo's historical connection to its glorious past. Open daily with free admission, the museum is an essential stop for those visiting Arezzo, easily accessible from the Poggio del Drago B&B, offering an ideal starting point for exploring Arezzo's rich culture.